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Vickers Atlantic Salmon Pools

Atlantic salmon fishing in New Brunswick

In 2012 and again in 2013, the water conditions in our pools were suboptimal.  This resulted is a significant decrease in hooked Atlantic salmon.  The salmon that did enter the Main Southwest were ushered thru our pools by high water levels.  This phenomenon was experienced by other pools on the lower Main Southwest Miramichi.  If you happened to be angling when the river was rising and salmon were entering the river (early June and late August), there was a good chance you would have had good-to-great angling.  In both 2012 and 2013, very high summer water temperatures prompted temporary closure of many pools. The number of hook-ups by David and Martyn was down 75% compared with the 2011 season.  To be sure, we notified several anglers when poor conditions existed and accepted their cancellations.


In 1946 our family began hosting Atlantic salmon anglers on the Main Southwest Miramichi River in Howard, New Brunswick, Canada for Miramichi River fishing.  We added an A-frame log cabin with a first floor bedroom and sleeping loft near Washburn’s Island in 2009 and a traditional two bedroom cabin on the Cains River in Shinnickburn, NB in 2010. Our private pools include  Horseshoe Pool, Washburn Pool, and the Brophy Pool.

Our private pools are only a few feet from our front door. The pools have a gravel bottom and are easy to wade.

We provide traditional, professional, personalized service in the peaceful, secluded surroundings of the Miramichi and Cains River valleys. If you’re looking for a fly fishing experience on the most productive North American Atlantic Salmon Rivers, please join us in 2014!