Each year, the Miramichi Salmon Association’s board of directors  carefully analyzes the number of Atlantic salmon returning to the Miramichi watershed.  The significant decrease in returns in 2012, 1013, and 2014 prompted this conservation group’s support of Hook and Release on the Miramichi.  In November 2015,  MSA’s board of directors voted to continue support of Hook and Release.  The MSA’s future position on Hook and Release will factor in the number of returning Atlantic salmon, smolt survival, parr production and density,  and the numbers and locations of the Atlantic salmon’s predators.  At the present time it appears that in  mid-season, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada will decide if it will continue or revise the present Hook and Release regulation,  based on number of returning Atlantic salmon.

The 2015 Hook and Release policy was the major reason that Greenland agreed to significantly reduce her harvest of Atlantic salmon  in 2016.

  • Our policy at Vickers Atlantic Salmon Pools has always been Hook and Release.

Vickers Atlantic Salmon Pools

Atlantic salmon fishing in New BrunswickIn 1946 our family began hosting Atlantic salmon anglers on the Main Southwest Miramichi River in Howard, New Brunswick, Canada for Miramichi River fishing.  In 2005, we built a spacious five bedroom cedar lodge. The living room overlooks our home pool.  Rooms for fly tying and entertainment (TV, XM, computer, fax), as well as two bedrooms and a full bath, are on the ground level.  On the first floor are three bedrooms, two full baths,  a living room, a dining room, and kitchen. Then in 2009, we added an A-frame log cabin with a first floor bedroom and sleeping loft near Washburn’s Island. In 2010, we constructed  a traditional two bedroom cabin on the Cains River in Shinnickburn, NB. Our private pools include Vickers’ Bar, Johnson’s Rock, Burke’s Bar, Washburn Pool, and the Brophy Pool. Several of our private pools are only a few feet from our front door. The pools have a gravel bottom and are easy to wade. When the Cains River water levels are right, we offer five or ten mile river runs in our Old Town Canoes. Our guides are dedicated to your successful angling. Join us in the peaceful, secluded surroundings of the Miramichi and Cains River valleys.  See you in 2016!

Our Policy: 

We encourage our anglers to call us a week before their reserved time.  If the river’s conditions (height, temperature, flow, clarity) are sub-optimal, or the number of Atlantic salmon entering the river is significantly less than during a similar period in previous years, we will tell you and offer you another time.